Vision Box

Professional portable boxes are designed for everyday use in demanding filming conditions. 

Vision Boxes are user-configurable in terms of selecting hardware and connectivity. They are made of the highest quality materials – aluminum and stainless steel.


The Vision box is available in two versions, according to the size of the LCD display - 34 ‘27 and 27‘ ‘. As for the Box design, both versions are identical in material and function. As for the displays, 34 ‘‘ is without touch control and 27 ‘‘ is with touch control. The connectors can be defined and changed by the user. We use standard “Neutrik” dimensions at the connector locations, including transducers to other types and plugs if not all of them are used. In this way, the user can configure the locations and inputs / outputs of the system as it suits him or her for any specific use. The Vision Box has a preparation and it can be used with plain, light and cheap PA Speaker Stands or tripods from lightning equipment. The Vision Box can also be used without a U-frame to reduce and ease setup. Tripod preparation is also on the U-frame and directly in the Vision Box.

“Everything you need – nothing you don’t!”.
Our design philosophy


Holder for keyboard and mouse

Cup holder

Vision box holder

Hot - Swap Battery Module


The Vision box has internal components designed to accommodate PC components or Mac mini in the box. This allows Linux, Windows, and MacOS systems to operate, depending on the system and components by user. The Vision Box comes with an LCD panel, without any computer components or cards. It can be extended with the accessories mentioned above. It is up to the user whether the Vision Box will be used with Vision Video Assist, DaVinci resolve, Adobe, etc., or it can be used as a normal computer that is fitted with a high-quality, design and professional box, designed for a daily transportation.

“Everything you need – nothing you don’t!”.
Our design philosophy

Hot – Swap Battery Module

Hot – Swap Battery Module ensures continuous functioning even on batteries.


Hot – Swap Battery Module is a hardware module, designed for the Vision Box or for other purposes, which allows a Video Assist Vision computer operation /or other software needed for paying/ on batteries. It has a hot-swap implemented, which means that while using a 2 battery plate, the operator can swap the batteries for operations without turning off the device during a battery replacement.

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